• "Iken's an ideal solution for in-house legal teams"
    Premier Farnell
  • "Iken has paid for itself many times over"
    Telegraph Media Group
  • "Iken have been a pleasure to work with, however the system stands out for itself"
    Emma Mason, eastlaw
  • "Iken has given us a 10% efficiency increase"
    Wiltshire Council
  • "Client satisfaction has increased by 50% thanks to Iken"
    Northampton Borough Council

History and vision

Iken's history and vision are one and the same: to realise the goal of supporting knowledge workers wherever they are.

Iken green treeSupporting knowledge workers

Regardless of the type of organisation you work for, or the type of team you work in, if your knowledge and expertise are critical to the success of your organisation we want our software to make your working life easier.

Iken Business Ltd

Iken Business Ltd was incorporated on Christmas eve in 1992. During this time Iken's co-founders, Andrew Chester and Elizabeth Miles, recognised a gap in the market for an integrated system that could support knowledge workers' need to combine structured and unstructured data and to simplify teams' collaborative working. By 1996 the first version of Iken software was under development.

Following the feedback 'Don't give me another application that tells me what to do', the direction of the software was set. The system was developed to be as flexible as possible so that it would fit around our client's working practices, rather than enforcing its own.

In 2000 and 2001 two of Iken's longest standing clients, Davis Wood and Worthing Borough Council were some of the first to buy Iken Case and Matter Management.

Since then the company has grown an international client base by developing Iken's core efficiency software through joint expertise and a clear understanding of what our clients need. 

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