Know What Matters

Read about our knowledge management methodology that combines learnings from our market experience and the successful development and use of Iken software.

Know What Matters

  • Leading Great Teams in the Public Sector

    14th November 2018
    by Iken

    Public sector leaders have a tough job. As well as handling typical internal pressures such as delivering to tight deadlines, managing their teams and keeping up with technological advances, managers in local government face another level of accountability entirely. Their work directly impacts the lives of UK citizens, so every decision they make is under […]

  • 5 Reasons to use Iken workflows

    29th October 2018
    by Iken

    The Iken Workflow Design Module is a great process management automation tool - here are five reasons to try it.

  • Collaborative working: How email integration can help

    15th August 2018
    by Iken

    Iken’s knowledge management tool is fully integrated with Outlook, and a host of other Microsoft Office applications. This means everything is in one place, which makes collaborative working far simpler.

  • Finding the Smart Route to Team Productivity

    3rd August 2018
    by Iken

    In today’s fast-paced working environment, we are more digitally connected than ever. We are slaves to our phones – both in and out of work – and even WhatsApp, Skype...

  • Highlights from Iken’s User Group, Durham

    6th June 2018
    by Iken

    Once our clients have invested in our knowledge management software, it’s really important to us that they benefit from the full functionality. That’s why we’ve been running Iken User Group...

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