Vale of Glamorgan Council share their appreciation of team Iken during Covid-19

3rd December 2020
by Sara Peake

Vale of Glamorgan Council have a busy legal department with 35 team members regularly relying on Iken for case management. As a result of the Covid-19 crisis and the requirement to work from home, our team, like many others have had to transform our way of working. Our in-house ICT department have of course been essential but we would also like to recognise and congratulate Iken on the excellent work achieved by their support organisation who have worked closely with our team throughout lockdown. The Iken support team spent time understanding our challenges, resolved issues and ensured easy and consistent access to Iken Desktop. We appreciate the on-line events Iken have recently hosted including their Spring User Group, innovation Focus Group and monthly Lockdown Surgeries which provide additional product training and support insight.”

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