Software Tester

Bristol - £23,000 - £33,000

Software Tester

Description of Role:

Part of the wider R&D Team, as a Software Tester you are responsible for the planning, development and carrying out of both manual and automated test scripts to qualitatively analyse new releases of desktop and web applications. Working to Agile methodology and principles, you are responsible for designing and executing tests and tracking software defects through to resolution.

Responsible for:

  • Planning, designing and executing manual and automated tests based on software requirements
  • Detecting, reporting and tracking software defects through to resolution
  • Reviewing test plans, defects and test results with a view to continually improving the testing process and the quality of software product
  • Communicating test progress, results and providing constructive feedback at appropriate Agile ceremonies

Primary Objectives:

  • Devise test plans based on Acceptance Criteria in User Story and provide time estimation for testing activities on    desktop and web applications
  • Execute tests applying appropriate testing types, levels or techniques in different situations
  • Creation and maintenance of value driven test documentation
  • Ensure the quality of new software features and releases by testing to the required standard
  • Record unexpected results from testing and feedback into the Sprint meetings and share findings with the R&D team
  • Review test documentation and revised as needed to improve testing function and practices
  • Share knowledge and skills with other teams in the business to provide a robust software product for clients
  • Proactive management of workload and participation at Agile ceremonies

Skills and Experience

  • Manual and automated testing of desktop and web applications
  • Capable to use a variety of testing types, levels and techniques
  • Testing web applications across multiple platforms with use of web developer tools for inspecting UI elements
  • Knowledge of WCAG and other relevant standards
  • Understanding of User stories, personas and example mapping
  • Experience with Ranorex, GIT, TFS
  • Basic SQL knowledge
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Systematic and organised approach to work
  • Thorough attention to detail whilst maintaining awareness of bigger picture
  • Working in an Agile Scrum environment

Person Specification:

  • Solution oriented and self organised
  • Creative thinker and questioner
  • Tactful and diplomatic approach to contentious conversations
  • Proactive, logical and analytical approach to removing impediments and problem solving
  • Ability to explain a technical concept concisely to both technical and non-technical individuals

Our Values

We are Inquisitive

  • Fully understand and own role and its relationship to overall business objectives
  • Analyse the status quo and explore new ways to do things
  • Ask questions to clarify your understanding of something
  • Look at the bigger picture and the impact that actions and decisions have

We are Brave

  • Step outside of comfort zone
  • Stand up for clients
  • Voice your opinion constructively
  • Remain determined in the face of challenge

We are Tenacious

  • Set goals and work purposefully to achieve them, asking for help and support as required
  • Remain resolute in your commitment to overall business objectives and client satisfaction
  • Act cohesively with colleagues and clients to achieve outcomes
  • Don’t give up when things get tough, explore different ways to do things and think outside the box to achieve            objectives

We are Warm Hearted

  • Proactively supporting colleagues and clients
  • A positive attitude and manner
  • A willingness to help out and go the extra mile
  • Considerate attitude to clients, colleagues and wider community

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