• "Iken cut our paper use by over 50%"
  • "We’ve recovered £100,000 in costs thanks to Iken reporting"
    Greater Manchester Police
  • "File retrieval is almost instantaneous with Iken"
    Aberdeenshire Council
  • "Iken has paid for itself many times over"
    Telegraph Media Group
  • "Iken fits with how people work in the real world"
    Amlin Insurance

HR Teams Select Iken Case Management

The HR teams at Southampton City Council and Argyll and Bute Council have chosen Iken’s unique software to support their busy teams. 


“We are seeing a real growth in demand for Case Management software from in-house HR teams. Iken helps HR teams to keep on top of the progress of their cases, allowing a full overview of work done for a case and granting access to everyone with the relevant permissions so that information is easily accessible to all team members” – Stephen Wanless, Chief Commercial Officer, Iken


Iken also provides a clear audit trail with all documents saved into the system and key date reminders take the stress out of deadlines, with alerts to managers if certain stages are not completed on time as well as quick, easy reporting modules.

Find out more about Iken for HR teams here or read the Isle of Wight HR case study

Iken Administrator

Iken Administrator

Poppy Watson-Brooks
As Iken's Direct Marketing Campaign Manager Poppy is passionate about all things marketing, particularly the growing digital world. Poppy is a keen runner and is currently training for the Bristol to Bath Marathon in October.


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