How can Iken help you?

Iken software is designed to make your professional life easier.

Iken Cloud Benefits:

  • Supports secure, collaborative and remote working
  • Instant access to knowledge and information (office, court, home)
  • Secure hosting of data within Microsoft UK data centres
  • Reduced infrastructure costs without compromising performance
  • Improved visibility of total cost of ownership
  • Market-leading training and consultancy
  • An intuitive and accessible user interface
  • A simple onboarding process
  • Microsoft Office 365 and G-Suite compatible
  • Continuous feature releases to meet evolving demands

Iken Cloud Features:

  • Manage documentation and day-to-day communication via your organisation’s Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite accounts
  • Save time with Iken Cloud’s smart production of documents and emails in context and automatically indexed
  • Thumb through case documents and files with Iken Cloud’s previewing pane
  • Powerful search functionality across individual cases and contacts through to document level
  • Accurately track hours with integrated real-time and retrospective time recording
  • Manage and configure user roles, allowable tasks and template libraries with the advanced Super User area

Customer journey overview:

After 25 years of implementing case and knowledge management software, we understand that it’s vital to have a clear understanding of the customer journey. That’s why we have dedicated and experienced teams to support you at each phase, from initial consultation through to getting the project ready, live and fully supported.

We provide support from our offices in Bristol. Our help desk is open from 08:30-18:00 Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays). Each member of the help desk team has extensive experience of providing Iken support and ad-hoc training. Users can report issues and ask questions on how to use the service by:

  • Using the live chat facility with our support representatives
  • Emailing Iken’s support desk
  • Phoning Iken’s support desk
  • Submitting a ticket via our online support portal

Understanding the architecture: 

The following image is a high-level overview of the technical setup of the Iken application:



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