Iken gives you greater visibility across the organisation

Iken stores all documents relating to a case in one central file, resulting in instant access regardless of of who’s in the office or what stage a case has reached.

Our functionality offers not for profit businesses the ability to increase visibility for Directors or Board Members requesting more in depth information.

Iken reporting allows you to produce figures to show:

  • The progress of your cases
  • The volume of work being undertaken
  • Whether important documents have been sent out within the correct time frames
  • What the work that’s been undertaken relates to in monetary terms

These reports are available as a variety of formats and file types, and can be scheduled to run automatically when you need them.

Legal teams

Iken supports not for profit legal teams to achieve greater efficiency.

Key features such as contract management means you can keep track of changes to contracts under negotiation and can record key contract information for existing agreements. Our document versioning means only one person at a time is able to work on a contract draft, eliminating the possibility of inconsistent versions. It keeps a log of the changes made, by whom and when for comparison and reference.

Iken workflows can record and report on important contract information. Crucial details about renewal and review dates, risk assessments, clause inclusion or exclusion and main contacts can be reported on.

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