Iken supports the pace of the corporate environment

Corporate Legal

Iken supports corporate legal teams to achieve greater efficiency.

Key features such as contract management means you can keep track of changes to contracts under negotiation and can record key contract information for existing agreements. Our document versioning means only one person at a time is able to work on a contract draft, eliminating the possibility of inconsistent versions. It keeps a log of the changes made, by whom and when for comparison and reference.

Iken workflows can record and report on important contract information. Crucial details about renewal and review dates, risk assessments, clause inclusion or exclusion and main contacts can be reported on.

Corporate HR

Iken helps HR teams to effectively manage their cases whilst complying with regulation and internal procedures.

Whether you’re managing disciplinary, ill health or performance management cases, with central access to full case histories and all related documents stored together, it’s easy to keep track of the progress of a case. It’s easy to ensure work has been completed on time and in accordance with internal processes.

Central access aids collaborative working and covering staff absences, with the added peace of mind that you can restrict access to confidential files.

Using our management information tool you can report on all case information, including case progress, risks, what team members are working on and how long different types of case typically take.

This information can help you to allocate work fairly based on workload, provide turn around times backed by data to client departments and easily see trends in work types across different departments – enabling you to analyse the causes of cases coming in and prove that your initiatives to resolve issues are working.

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