Iken supports over 200 public sector teams.

Our highly-configurable platform and set of functionality uniquely supports teams to find simpler and more efficient ways of working.


We have a proven track record of delivering productivity savings for teams just like yours and are the market leading supplier for in-house legal teams.

Our functionality offers the ability to effectively manage cases, effortlessly create court bundles and support compliance across your department, plus much more.

Case management for your legal department will:

  • Provide central secure storage for collaborative and flexible working
  • Assist risk management for compliance by easily demonstrating audit trails
  • Auto-populate your documents with relevant information on creation
  • Support agile working
  • Link your documents, contacts and calendars


With central access to full case histories, including all related documents, you can track the progress of a case while ensuring work has been completed in accordance with internal and external policy.

Iken has the ability to automatically set key date reminders based on a work type or procedure and centrally stored files also produce complete audit trails for peace of mind. Some of our most useful features are:

  • Document and email management
  • Templates and precedents
  • Secure collaborative working
  • Restricted access options
  • Customised alerts
  • Easy case references
  • Management information
  • Quick reporting
  • Remote access

Police Constabularies

With Iken demonstrating your contribution to supporting wider savings for your constabulary is easy to achieve and evidence. Iken reporting will enable you to demonstrate your team’s workload and more easily compile statistics.

Iken also makes managing your team’s workload simple, by tracking and managing work centrally. Cover for staff absences, gain quick overviews of the work that’s being undertaken and work remotely. Iken Case Management also supports the security policies in place for sensitive cases by enabling you to restrict access when you need to.

Police & Crime Commissioners

Iken case management will help you to record and report on contacts from the public, saving them into relevant cases regardless of what format they are raised in.

This makes producing reports to show trends in public interest and setting informed targets for your Police Constabulary easier.

Iken reporting can also assist you with keeping members of the public up to date with relevant information. By reporting which individuals have raised concerns about a particular area, you have an instant list to contact with information about improvements or events to address that particular concern – allowing you to keep members of the public informed while improving your visibility and effectiveness.

Trading Standards

Iken helps your trading standards team to move away from reactive towards proactive working.  Build a case by storing all of your evidence and correspondence in one central file so you can quickly see the progress of your investigations and instantly access important documents. Reporting enables to you quantify timescales and the number of cases open, assisting workload and risk management.

The Iken Workflows feature enables you to build experience and resilience into your team. By mapping your processes, less experienced members of staff can clearly see what best practice looks like and follow the process to build a tight case. Time saved through central access and mapped processes also frees up team members to concentrate on their value added work.

Shared Services

Iken Case Management provides the functionality to support your shared service team. By offering central access to all case files, different teams can work on the same cases, while Iken reporting can provide analysis for each component team and for the service as a whole.

At Iken, we understand the complexity of supplying one system for two or more combined, but separate, teams. We provide a comprehensive consultancy on a range of topics unique to shared services and how these can be combined to work smoothly with your technology across a different team structure.

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