• "Client satisfaction has increased by 50% thanks to Iken"
    Northampton Borough Council
  • "We’ve recovered £100,000 in costs thanks to Iken reporting"
    Greater Manchester Police
  • "Iken has paid for itself many times over"
    Telegraph Media Group
  • "We saved over £10,000 in the first year of using Iken Document Bundling"
    Durham County Council
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Spotlight on Support

"The service you provide is exceptional!" -West Lancashire Borough Council  

"Always an excellent service" - Flintshire County Council


At Iken we believe that it is our people that make us stand out from the crowd, and our Support Team is on the front line 

We are incredibly proud of the work that they do and the regular excellent feedback from clients about the professionalism, first class knowledge and service that they receive from the Support desk. 

I caught up with Anthony Evans, Support Team Leader to find out how they continue to provide such excellent service.

Poppy: As a company we are always looking to the Support Team for assistance, as well as lots of incoming queries from clients – how do you keep the team on top of things? 

Anthony: Thank-you, as a team we are very aware of the work that our clients have to deal with and the often very urgent need to get back to work right away. This is a real motivator for us to be able to resolve any issues or to give any advice as soon as we possibly can. We classify all incoming enquiries and have very tight KPI targets that are well ahead of any SLAs that we have in place to make sure we are going the extra mile to fulfil client expectations. 

P: You’ve mentioned your SLAs there – how do your team KPIs differ? 

A: So with the SLAs we have a contractual obligation to make sure that we have responded to or resolved an issue within a certain period of time – the classifications are: Standard, Urgent and Critical. Although our SLA for Critical is 24 business hours we always make sure that we have responded or resolved the issue within 24 real hours. We want our clients to feel that we are there to help and that the help we provide exceeds expectations. We also have a KPI of queries open without resolution for more than 8 weeks being at 10% maximum – currently this has been at around 4% for the last 12 months and many of those open are due to ICT enquiry at the client site so we are chasing to get those resolved too. 

P: So with incoming enquiries, as a small team how do you determine who deals with what? Or is it a case of whoever gets there first?

A: It is very easy to assign the incoming support queries as we have quite a varied knowledge base within the team, meaning there will always be someone that knows the answer and we are able to gain knowledge from one another, as well as our training. For example – Alex (McCaffery) has a keen interest in, among other things, Microsoft versions and updates so he always knows what’s coming before everyone else. Often when there is an update or a new release of Office we receive high volumes of calls so he is able to share with us what is likely to be asked ahead of time. 

P: In terms of the nature of incoming queries, we have a 3rd Line Support function too, how often are they involved with queries and investigations? 

A: We get mainly 1st and 2nd Line queries or general advice calls, I would say the number of 3rd Line is about 10% but will have to check the exact figures*. If an issue cannot be resolved by known fixes or initial investigation it is passed to 3rd Line who have a more in depth technical knowledge behind the scenes. Working in an open plan office with close proximity to the 3rd Line function means that we are able to seek advice with ease and clients don’t end up getting passed around and having to repeat themselves – one of my own pet hates when calling a company for support!

*update – in the last 12 months the percentage of queries passed to 3rd Line was 11%.

P: And mine! You recently took on an apprentice in the team, how is he fitting in to the structure?

A: It’s great to have a fresh perspective on the way we work and training someone from scratch has encouraged us to revisit a number of our processes. Overall it has really strengthened our team knowledge as we are dealing with a whole new set of questions and looking at how the Iken software is and could be used in new ways. It’s also been really interesting to have feedback on our training and explanations from someone that has never worked in an office before. 

P: We often get calls asking for a specific member of the Support Team, do you have assigned client sites?

A: We don’t, but often Users call and ask to speak to whoever they spoke to last time – it’s good because we can offer consistency in our consultancy but if that person isn’t available another member of the team can access everything they need from Iken too. Sometimes callers are enquiring about the Iken Roadmap too as they may have asked for a new development and are checking in to see if it will be in the next release. Or they may be updating us to say that they have resolved the issue with their internal ICT Team, we get quite a lot of non-Iken related calls where we will try to help out as much as possible but sometimes it is out of our control.

P: Well I can certainly see why you and the team are getting such great feedback! Is there anything that you would advise clients to do in order to get the most out of Iken Support? 

A: I wrote a guest blog a while ago about ‘Getting the most from IT Support’ and I would reiterate the key elements about being specific, taking screenshots and having a reference number to hand (if it is an ongoing inquiry). It makes it much easier for us to help when we can see a screenshot or remotely access the User’s machine and knowing what action was being performed when the error occurred is great too. Of course, we totally understand that sometimes these things aren’t possible for various reasons but when they are, they are very much appreciated. 

If you would like to learn more about Iken’s Support Team, check out our info page or give us a call on 08448 933 910

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